Bacherlor's Project
HDK - School of Design and Crafts

Critical (Fashion) Illustration

Fashion can, with its implicit flux, be described as an ever-changing mirror of the times, a reflection of prevailing dreams and utopias as well as an expression of limitations and shortcomings. By considering fashion a continuous documentation of the Zeitgeist, we can apprehend the norms and ideals that manifests themselves way beyond the glossy spreads of a fashion magazine.

White Noise is a norm-critical project resulting in a series of fashion illustrations, through conformity and resistance aiming to expose the hierachies that quietly shape the grid against which we are inevitably measured.

This project is exhibited at New Nordic Fashion Illustration vol.2, Tallinn, Estonia and at the HDK Graduation Show 2015.

Cover artwork for the second issue of LOBBY magazine.
Art direction by Studio 4.

Illustrations for Critical Exhibition Studies, a collaboration between HDK – the School of Design and Crafts – and the Swedish Exhibition Agency.

Personal project

Illustrations and poster for the 5 year anniversary of Rättviseförmedlingen